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16,127: Exhibition on the food distribution operations

Some 16,127 parcels were distributed in les Vernets. This number is also the title of a photography exhibition at the heart of the Caravane de Solidarité group, which will be presented in Parc des Bastions from 26 June to 16 August.

Funded by Caravane de Solidarité, this exhibition has been created with the support of several local photographers, a journalist and the operational support of City of Geneva. The aim of the event is to broaden the debate initiated on the food distribution operations organised to help people who have been pushed into hardship by the covid-19 crisis.

A total of 16,127 parcels containing food and hygiene products were distributed at les Vernets ice rink between 2 May and 6 June to thousands of people severely affected by the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. This food distribution operation was coordinated by the City of Geneva and led by the Caravane de Solidarité group, les Colis du cœur, and the Partage Foundation. The ongoing distribution operations have now been decentralised to the municipalities.

The images seen in the media of people standing in a queue several miles long to receive a food parcel left their mark in people’s minds. International media coverage has highlighted the plight of numerous people who have fallen on hard times due to the social crisis linked to the covid-19 pandemic. This new poverty has given rise to a wave of solidarity among a great many citizens as well as a number of companies and foundations, all of whom have made generous donations. At each distribution operation, almost 200 volunteers were on hand to help. In addition to food parcels, those in need also had access to a social and health information centre.

Images and testimonies

In order to expand the thought process initiated, several local photographers have joined forces to bring this reality home through an exhibition organised in les Bastions, from 26 June to 16 August 2020. The public will be able to discover images of the operation presented in homage to the beneficiaries, donors and volunteers.

The aim of the exhibition is to broaden the debate by offering a benevolent and respectful vision of the different partners.

This exhibition, organised by the Caravane de Solidarité group, benefits from the operational support of several services of the City of Geneva.


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