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New for the 2023 heatwave plan: cool areas, film screenings and free access to the swimming pools

The Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity is implementing a heatwave plan aimed at protecting senior citizens in the event of extreme heat. People are invited to register from 24 May 2023 by dialling the toll-free number 0800 22 55 11. The new arrangements for 2023 will be implemented thanks to partnerships with les Scala cinema and several municipal services.

Plan canicule 2023

Since 2014, this plan has contributed to countering health risks for senior citizens, combating the feeling of isolation and fostering ties with this group of people living in the City of Geneva.

The City is in direct contact with the Cantonal Medical Service, which oversees the heatwave plan and decides whether a heatwave alert should be triggered. 

We refer to a heatwave if an average temperature greater than or equal to 25 degrees is recorded for at least five consecutive days. When this alert level is reached (level 3), the Cantonal Medical Service issues a heatwave alert and the municipalities are invited to deploy the planned measures.

Registration for the heatwave plan

At the end of May, a letter will be sent to all residents aged 75 and over living within the City of Geneva who are not in contact with the imad. They are invited to register with the Social Service via a toll-free number (0800 22 55 11) in order to benefit from personalised monitoring should a heatwave be declared.

Strengthening the 2023 heatwave plan

This year’s heatwave plan has been strengthened thanks to a number of partnerships and the collaboration of other municipal departments. As soon as the heatwave plan is activated by the Cantonal Medical Service, free film screenings will be organised during the afternoons for the target group in partnership with the Association Les Scala, while admission to the municipal swimming pools will be free in the mornings. Finally, cool areas will be set up at the MEG and at Cité Seniors, with social workers on-hand to welcome the public.

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