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L’Abri is organising an “open house” during the February holidays

L’Abri, a collective comprising local partners and volunteers, is organising a week of fun activities free of charge at Le 99 community centre from 10 to 14 February, intended for the children, teenagers and other inhabitants of the Europe and Les Charmilles district.

Abri - février 2020 - flyer

From 10 to 14 February 2020, the community centre Le 99 will offer the children and other inhabitants of the district the chance to make the most of its “open house”. Thanks to the efforts of L’Abri, visitors will be able to take part in a number of activities, in particular crafts and games, throughout the entire week. Different areas are specially dedicated to teenagers and parents. The highpoint of the week is a meal organised for families, to be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday 13 February, with prior registration required. This will offer anyone not heading off on holiday the chance to take full advantage of the week’s holiday.

For more information on the programme and timetable, please the community centre Le 99.

A group of partners

Twice a year, during the February and October school holidays, l’Abri organises an “open house” for the younger inhabitants – and those who are not so young – of the district of Europe and Les Charmilles.

Offering inhabitants the opportunity to meet, relax and take part in free games and activities, this measure is organised by a collective consisting of the following partners:

The “open house” organised by l’Abri contributes to the local social outreach policy developed by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity.

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