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“Action impôts” campaign: registration now open!

From 3 February, the Social Service is once again organising the “Action impôts” campaign. Beneficiaries of municipal services and inhabitants with low incomes can obtain assistance in completing their tax declaration. These people are invited to register by telephone from 3 to 14 February 2020 in order to make an appointment in one of the surgeries organised in the different districts on both sides of the lake.

Important information concerning the situation of the new coronavirus: “Action impôt” is suspended. If you have any questions, you can call the Social Service switchboard on 022 418 47 00.

Une femme remplit sa déclaration d'impôts

Are you encountering difficulties in completing your tax declaration? Are you a senior citizen or do you have a low income? You can benefit from assistance in completing this administrative procedure, which can often cause something of a headache.

Since 1992, the Social Service has continually renewed its “Action impôts” campaign intended for beneficiaries of municipal services and inhabitants with low incomes. More than 1,400 people took advantage of this assistance in 2018. In particular, the aim of this action is to avoid systematically paying tax which would deprive those concerned of their rights to financial or social services.

Assistance near you

To help you, professionals will be on hand, by appointment, at one of the surgeries organised in the different districts of the city on both sides of the lake. 

You will be welcomed by employees who are familiar with the workings of the tax administration and are fully aware of the deadlines and rules in force with regard to tax declarations.

What conditions must be respected?

To benefit from this service, the following conditions must nevertheless be satisfied:

  • be a resident of the City of Geneva;
  • not be an independent worker; 
  • have a gross annual income of less than CHF 40,000 in the case of a single person or CHF 50,000 in the case of a couple (+ CHF 10,000 per dependent child);
  • have a net worth of less than CHF 37,500 in the case of a single person or CHF 60,000 in the case of a couple + CHF 15,000 per dependent child;
  • not be fully dependent on the Hospice Général;
  • not own any real estate.

How to make an appointment?

Inhabitants who satisfy these criteria are invited to make an appointment by telephone only by calling 0800 22 55 11 free of charge from 3 to 14 February 2020. 

When registering by phone, a formal appointment is made in one of the surgeries located in the different districts. Declarations can be completed at home for people with reduced mobility

Prior registration is mandatory, together with a financial contribution of CHF 30 (bring the exact amount).

Better meeting people’s needs

Thanks to the “Action impôts” campaign, the Social Service provides the population with useful information. It directs those concerned towards social assistance measures and other forms of support available. The “Action impôts” campaign is part of a broader system of tangible assistance. The City thus establishes contacts with new target groups in order to better meet the needs of less fortunate or isolated people.


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