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Another record-breaking year for Geneva’s museums!

Boasting a total of 1,751,558 visits in 2019, Geneva’s museums confirm their attractiveness. With statistics kept since 2015, the number of visitors to Geneva’s museums set a new record in 2019, up  2.76% compared to 2018.

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Dimanche des musées

The vibrancy of our museum scene reflects a new cultural dynamic embodied by Geneva’s museums which have successfully renewed themselves from one year to the next, offering visitors the chance to explore questions linked to major societal issues.

The museums of Geneva enjoyed a record attendance in 2019 with a total of 1,751,558 visits, representing a year-on-year increase of 2.76% and confirming the trend observed every year since 2015 in the 15 public and private museum institutions brought together within the Association of Geneva’s museums

An increase of 16%

Over a period of five years, the number of visits to the museums has risen from 967,231 in 2015 to 1,121,558 in 2019, representing an increase of almost 16%. If we include the Botanical Conservatory and Gardens, an open-air museum for which precise visitor records have only existed since 2017 (with estimations for 2016 and 2015), the total number of visits reaches a staggering 1,751,558. This performance is all the more remarkable as it incorporates the temporary closure of the Musée de Carouge following a fire, without for all that adversely affecting the final tally. This record-breaking year was bolstered by the success of the 7th “Top Secret” Nuit des Musées which recorded its highest-ever attendance figures, in excess of 12,000 visitors.

This increasing popularity of Geneva’s museums can be traced back to the institutions’ ability to renew their offerings every year, exploring a wide range of themes relating to current issues observed in society, combined with a significant cultural mediation service.

All located within a small area, Geneva’s museums also benefit from their complementarity and their proximity to one another. Building on this diversity, Geneva’s museums intend to strengthen their position and work together to continue promoting the city’s museum scene, in particular by intensifying their collaboration with the Genève Tourisme & Congrès Foundation in 2020.


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