An autumn to rethink how we eat

Beginning with Festi'Terroir at the end of the summer, the Autumn of Sustainable Food continues in October with À table! and a whole series of events dedicated to “healthy eating”, inviting the local population to rethink what they put in their plates.

Une cheffe cuisinière prépare un plat dans une cuisine

As À Table! – the sustainable catering competition - is in full swing in 56 restaurants across the City and Canton, the Autumn of Sustainable Food serves up a wide range of activities and public evening events designed to tickle the population’s taste buds. There’s something to suit every taste: “P'tits Chefs” cooking workshops, events at the Museum, round tables and the status of “Fair Trade Town” are just some of the programme highlights until the end of November. A diary provides you with all useful information.

Public evenings focussing on sustainable food

Among the different activities organised, two evenings open to the public will offer people the chance to enhance their knowledge of sustainable food:

“Les villes dans les politiques alimentaires” conference (cities in food policies) | 13 October

“Tout savoir sur les modes de production agricoles” conference and round table (everything you need to know about agricultural production methods) | 2 November

The "Feed the City” programme

Through its “Feed the City” programme, the City of Geneva is keen to promote short circuits and foster the transition towards sustainable food These goals are also key elements of its climate strategy.


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