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Become a “town planner for a day!”

The aim of the future blueprint of the City of Geneva (PDCOM) is to guarantee a high-quality ecological and social transition across the entire municipality. Every opinion matters! As part of this process, public dialogue and consultations will be organised so that the local residents can share their opinions. From 18 June 2022, become a “town planner for a day”. 

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Urbaniste jour

Become a “town planner for a day” by connecting to the “town planner for a day” survey and, with this participatory map in hand, exploring the city looking for an attractive viewpoint, an unusual location, a positive or negative feeling, a place you have never been or a site that your adore.

Photograph, comment and thus contribute to creating the city of tomorrow.

Territorial diagnostic

What will we do with your involvement? This participatory map will be added to throughout the process, supporting the territorial diagnostic as well as the programme of measures designed to develop the future of your neighbourhoods.




The complete map will be presented during the public consultation in January 2024.


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