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Bienvenue +: a guide for events open to all

The City of Geneva has adopted a cross-cutting universal accessibility policy with a view to taking persons with special needs into account when organising its events and services. The little guide entitled “Bienvenue+” is intended to improve the welcome offered to everyone concerned during conferences, debates, cultural or sporting events and any other community activities.  

Guide accessibilité

In 2020, the City of Geneva adopted a universal accessibility policy implemented through a series of measures aimed at making its events and services accessible to everyone, and in particular people with special needs.

Improving the welcome offered to everyone

The little guide entitled “Bienvenue+” has been developed in collaboration with the member associations of the Advisory Committee, which accompanies the implementation of this municipal policy. Its aim is to improve the welcome offered to everyone concerned during conferences, debates, cultural or sporting events and community activities.

What do events organisers need to pay attention to? What difficulties should they prepare for? The Bienvenue + guide provides anyone responsible for organising events with practical advice and explores all the different stages, from sending out the invitations to the day of the event. These recommendations are first and foremost designed to help certain individuals whose daily life is more complicated than others and for whom an extra “welcome” makes all the difference.

Ultimately, however, these recommendations improve the daily life of everyone concerned.

Promoting the rights and well-being of handicapped people

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on 3 December, is intended to remind us that while accidents do occur in everyday life, the resulting limitations largely depend on the physical and social environment in which the individuals concerned live. This day aims to increase public awareness and shed more light on questions relating to disabilities while promoting the rights of each and every individual.


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