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Change to street names in the City of Geneva

The City of Geneva, with the support of the State Council, intends to change the names of 16 streets, squares, parks and footpaths within the municipal territory. This project follows in the wake of the 100Elles* project and a motion presented by the Grand Council demanding that 100 streets around Geneva be renamed after women over a period of three years.

Plaques de rues féminisées

In connection with Equality Week 2020, held from 28 February to 8 March, and with a view to promoting the contributions of the female citizens of Geneva to the history of our canton, the City of Geneva will submit a dossier to the Cantonal Nomenclature Commission (CCN) to change the names of 16 streets, squares, parks and footpaths within the municipal territory.

This initiative, launched during the one-year term of Mayor Sandrine Salerno and devoted to gender and equality issues, follows in the wake of the 100Elles* project and motion M-2536 accepted by the Grand Council in 2019, asking for the names of 100 of Geneva’s streets to be changed over a period of three years.

On the basis of the biographies developed as part of the 100Elles* project, the names of 16 women or groups of women satisfying the criteria set by the CCN have been selected. Scientists, engineers, teachers, philanthropists, militants, politicians, company managers, workers or anonymous figures, they have all left their mark on Geneva’s history. On the anniversary of women’s suffrage, particular attention has been paid to those figures who fought for women’s eligibility and the right to vote in Geneva.

Through this change of name, and as the Mayor of Geneva explains, “the City intends to make a statement recognising the fact that the women of Geneva are citizens in their own right who have contributed to our collective history while correcting an injustice which has remained unchanged too long – that of the invisibility of women in the public sphere”. The aim is also to give future generations the means of drawing inspiration from a wider range of role models.

She thus hopes to initiate a dynamic, inviting the other municipalities to follow suit and undertake to achieve the objective set by the motion of the Grand Council. “This motion helps ensure the long-term legacy of the 100Elles* project. Initiated by the City of Geneva, this approach is not only an act of recognition but also a rebalancing of history which has favoured men to the detriment of these women who, it cannot be denied, led quite remarkable lives,” concludes Antonio Hodgers, President of the State Council.

Noms actuels Noms prévus Indications biographiques Lien vers biographie complète en ligne
Rue David-Dufour Rue Cécile-Bieler-Butticaz 1884-1966, 1ère femme ingénieure de Suisse 100Elles : Cécile Biéler-Butticaz
Place du Cirque Place Marcelle-de-Kenzac 1919-2009, metteuse en scène 100Elles: Marcelle de Kenzac
Place des Vingt-Deux-Cantons Place Lise-Girardin 1921-2010, 1ère femme Maire de Genève et 1ère femme en Suisse à avoir occupé cette fonction 100Elles: Lise Girardin
Rue de la Scie Rue Annie-Jiagge 1918-1996, Magistrate et internationaliste 100Elles: Annie Jiagge
Rue Jean-Violette Rue Grisélidis-Réal 1929-2005, écrivaine et prostituée 100Elles: Grisélidis Réal
Place de Chevelu Place Ruth-Bösiger 1907-1990, vendeuse et militante anarchiste 100Elles: Ruth Bösiger
Rue Bergalonne Rue Marguerite-Dellenbach 1905-1993, directrice de musée et ethnologue 100Elles: Marguerite Dellenbach
Rue de la Vallée Rue Mina-Audemars 1883-1971, pédagogue 100Elles: Mina Audemars
Rue de la Pisciculture Rue des-Trois-Blanchisseuses Ouvrières anonymes décédées le 1er août 1913 sur un bateau-lavoir amarré au quai du Seujet 100Elles: Trois blanchisseuses
Rue René-Louis-Piachaud Rue Julienne-Christine-Piachaud 1894- ?, fonctionnaire de la Société des Nations 100Elles: Julienne-Christine Piachaud
Rue Baulacre Rue Elisabeth-Baulacre 1613-1693, cheffe d’entreprise 100Elles: Elisabeth Baulacre
Avenue William-Favre Avenue Alice-Favre 1851-1929, Présidente de la Croix-Rouge genevoise 100Elles: Alice Favre
Parc des Acacias Parc Eglantyne-Jebb 1876-1928, philanthrope 100Elles: Eglantyne Jebb
Chemin Louis-Dunant Chemin Camille-Vidart 1854-1930, Présidente de l’Union des femmes de Genève 100Elles: Camille Vidart
Rue Frank-Martin Rue Maggy-Breittmayer 1888-1961, violoniste soliste 100Elles: Maggy Breittmayer
Chemin Galiffe Chemin de la Flore-des-Dames 1817, groupe d'une centaine de femmes copistes constitué afin de conserver une copie à Genève d’un trésor de la recherche en botanique de l’époque 100Elles: La Flore des Dames


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