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Christmas lights have returned to the city – with legwork

Ten or so Christmas illuminations are decorating the city centre from 1 December 2022 till 3 January 2023. For the first time, one of the installations will be operated by bicycles, powered by... the public.

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Illuminations Noël 2022

Even though this year is marked by the need to save electricity because of the risk of energy shortages, there was no question of completely abandoning the Christmas lights.

“We have opted to cut down on our energy consumption by reducing the duration of the illuminations and the extent to which we light the streets in the city centre, and by innovating with regard to our power sources in one instance,” explains the Mayor of Geneva, Marie Barbey-Chapuis.

Six bikes

For the first time in Geneva, some of the ten or so installations are operated by... legwork. On the Place du Rhône, two illuminated trees are hooked up to six (exercise) bikes. Come the evening, members of the public will be able to light them up by pedalling…. “The experience is intended to be fun and educational, plus it will allow the public to keep warm, and for the most motivated, it can replace their gym session,” smiles Marie Barbey-Chappuis.

The other Christmas illuminations are powered as usual by the grid. They are to be found on the Place Longemalle, the Corraterie, the Place du Molard, the Place Longemalle and, of course, in the rues Basses (Confédération, Marché, Croix d'Or, Rives).
Most of the installations are time controlled and switch off at 10:30 pm; four at midnight. The decorations in the Rue du Rhône, which are connected to the street lighting, are the only ones to stay lit all night.


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