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Cité Seniors at home – Activity programme 2.0

Starting this week, Cité Seniors is unveiling part of its activity programme 2.0. At a time when people aged 65 and over are being encouraged not to leave their home and when contact with their families – and in particular their grandchildren – is proscribed, it is important to “join” them at home in order to maintain ties with them. With this in mind, Cité Seniors now provides a series of activities, conferences, IT classes and health advice. And all this in the comfort of your own home thanks to a weekly video broadcast.

Cité Seniors is keen to maintain ties with its public during the current health crisis. A selection of activities is now accessible without having to leave your home, thanks to our video. The programme includes gentle physical activities, conferences, IT classes and health advice. The videos will be broadcast every Monday on the page which also offers valuable advice to help senior citizens avoid feeling isolated and to guarantee their general welfare during the current health crisis.

Launch of the video series

Discover the first video in the series with sports coach Paoloma Laplace, focusing on exercises designed to improve breathing while also helping reduce stress and anxiety. And all this in the comfort of your own home! And here is an overview of the video programme scheduled for the coming weeks:

  • «Nouvelles technologies» with Pierrette Frily, adult educator;
  • «Carnets d'histoire» with Philippe Deturche, history teacher;
  • «A votre santé» with doctors Irène Bonada and Cyrus Hazegi;
  • «Lectures» with the actress Maria Mettral;
  • «Les relations: parlons-en» with Sylvie Salignac, sophrologist and educator.


Activities and resources

A selection of suggestions and activities to make the period of confinement easier to deal with is also available on the page

  • Staying in contact without leaving home by writing or creating a telephone chain;
  • Ensuring your general welfare thanks to the “Solidarité 65+/COVID-19” hotline;
  • Doing physical and dynamic activities at home;
  • Eating healthily with a wide range of recipes;
  • Keeping busy with free online games, readings and virtual visits;
  • The pleasure of learning with free online classes;
  • Creating a (secret) garden, etc.

Naturally, Cité Seniors 2.0 is designed for people with the technological tools to cope with this period of confinement. In particular, this concerns younger pensioners. These new services complement the Solidarité 65+ plan implemented by the City of Geneva, which more particularly targets older, isolated people.

Anyone aged 65 and over should remember that the toll-free Solidarité 65+ number – 0800 22 55 11 – can be reached from monday to friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. offering people a means of maintaining a telephone link, asking for help with shopping and requesting the delivery of meals at home.


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