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Cité Seniors: new programme from July to December

Cité Seniors has published its new programme covering the period from July to December 2022. Workshops and excursions in particular will be organised throughout the summer. September will see the return of the usual Cité Seniors activities, with the theme of vulnerabilities serving as a common thread explored throughout the autumn by means of themed days. Finally, Cité Seniors will also meet senior citizens in various community centres while remaining present on YouTube.

Programme de l'été 2022 - Cité Seniors

A place for meeting and interacting, Cité Seniors is the gateway to all issues relating to the long-life policy developed by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity.

From July to September, Cité Seniors will offer all senior citizens an attractive and diverse programme of activities accessible both on site and in the different districts. The common thread to this programme is the theme of vulnerabilities linked to ageing, which will give rise to three themed days from 29 September to 1 October 2022. Before the start of the new school year, a range of summer activities will be organised.

Summer activities

Are you staying in Geneva in July and August? Creative workshops (drawing, mini publishing) and well-being activities (yoga, qi gong), as well as cultural excursions organised in partnership with local institutions will be open free of charge or for a modest fee.

More information on pages 8 to 19 of the programme, available for download at the bottom of the page.

Events after the end of the holiday season

From September, the programme for the new school year will start, with major Cité Seniors events providing entertainment and an opportunity to meet up and learn something new:

To enable the public to choose what they want to do, two enrolment days will be organised:

Activities for senior citizens in the different districts

Are you in two minds about travelling to Cité Seniors? Throughout the summer and until December, activities will be organised by Cité Seniors in the different  community centres around the city, intended for people who are a little less mobile.

And anyone can enjoy a wide selection of the activities on the programme at any time on the Cité Seniors Genève YouTube channel..

Access to most activities on the programme is free, with the exception of classes and workshops, for which a nominal contribution is required.

All the details are available in the programme available for download below. You can also find the daily Cité Seniors activities in the City diary!


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