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Citizens, at the ballots boxes and in the street!

The 2020 edition of Equality Week in the City of Geneva is entitled “Aux urnes, citoyennes!” (citizens, to the ballots boxes) and celebrates the 60th anniversary of the women of Geneva obtaining eligibility and the right to vote.

Semaine de l'égalité 2020

6 March 1960 is a key date in our history. After a combat lasting several decades, the female citizens of Geneva obtained eligibility and the right to vote. In doing so, they were finally able to make their voices heard in the political arena and enjoy access, at least at the local level, to one of the key decision-making spheres in public life. For all that, has acquiring political rights made women citizens in their own right enjoying the same rights, opportunities and recognition as men? Some 60 years later, as we celebrate this historic anniversary, this remains a legitimate question.

"Aux urnes, citoyennes!", Equality Week 2020 in the City of Geneva

From 28 February to 8 March, the City of Geneva and its partners will invite the public to examine the issues of citizenship and public rights from the standpoint of gender, in order to measure the progress made and the challenges that still remain. Administrative Councillor, Sami Kanaan, is delighted that “this week calls on the intervention of female artists, intellectuals, cultural players and members of the civil society, thereby allowing the more general issue of gender equality to be explored 60 years after the female citizens of Geneva obtained political rights”.

The  Equality Week 2020 programme includes the publication of a non-stereotyped and inclusive bibliography bringing together more than a hundred references as well as numerous events dreamed up by the Agenda 21-Sustainable City Department, the municipal libraries and numerous partners. The highlights of the week include a play exploring the life of Emilie Kempin-Spyri, Switzerland’s first female lawyer, a discussion focusing on the series Borgen, about a woman in power with Geneva’s elected representatives, and an exhibition presented at Parc des Bastions.

This exhibition, entitled “60 ans seulement! L’histoire du suffrage féminin genevois en affiches” (only 60 years! The history of women’s suffrage in Geneva in posters) tells the story of these women’s fight through the campaign posters printed before the five popular votes. It offers an insight into the opinions, representations and stereotypes that were common in the not-so distant past and, as stressed by Nathalie Fontanet, State Councillor responsible for the Promotion of Equality and the Prevention of Violence in the Canton of Geneva, “women won equality at the ballot boxes 60 years ago, but there is still much to be done to ensure genuine power sharing in the political field and the other spheres of public life”. Presented by the City, Republic and Canton of Geneva, this exhibition will be open from 28 February to 28 March at Parc des Bastions.

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