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The City of Geneva swimming pools reopen to the public

In light of the latest decisions of the Federal Council relating to the Covid-19 outbreak, the City of Geneva reopens the indoor and outdoor pools at les Vernets and Varembé with online reservations.

A reservation system with online payment is available (prior creation of an account).
Des nageurs dans une piscine

Mandat Ville de Genève - carte blanche - Vivre à Genève - Sport et infrastructures. Centre sportif de Varembé, piscine municipale.

The City of Geneva swimming pools reopen to the public on Saturday 13 June. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the municipal swimming pools will reopen in accordance with a strict protection plan in order to ensure the health safety of both the public and the staff. These measures are also designed to avoid a high concentration of people and to prevent the general public coming into contact with other users such as clubs and swimming schools.

The general public must refer to and comply with the measures issued by the Federal Office of Public Health, in particular with regard to health standards and physical distancing.

Opening times

  • 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Open 7 days a week, except Monday morning (Vernets) and Tuesday morning (Varembé) for maintenance needs

How to purchase tickets

Due to health constraints, the number of tickets is limited by session, i.e.:

A reservation system with online payment is available (prior creation of an account).

The general public will be able to purchase admission tickets no earlier than 48 hours before the desired session (reservations more than two days in advance are not possible).

A quota of tickets (300 at les Vernets, 300 at Varembé) will also be sold at the reception desk of the swimming pools on the same day without reservation (first come, first served).
These quotas will be adapted according to the needs and observations made on site.

In light of the reduced number of tickets on sale at reception, we advise the public to purchase their tickets in advance online.

New rates in force

During this unprecedented period, the City is lowering the admission prices to the swimming pools as follows from 13 June 2020 and until further notice:

  • CHF 3 full rate
  • CHF 1.50 half rate (people aged 0 to 25, senior citizens, handicapped, unemployed)
  • No other rate or free admission is available. Any person wishing to go swimming must be carrying a valid ticket.
  • All current memberships valid before the Covid-19 pandemic are suspended during the summer season 2020. They will be extended from the end of August 2020.

The changing rooms, lockers and showers will be accessible, but there may be queues. To facilitate the management of visitor flows, it is advisable to come already changed (swimsuit under your clothes). It should be noted that the saunas and fitness areas will remain closed until further notice.

The Sports Service staff will ensure compliance with the health measures. The situation may change in accordance with the directives issued by the Federal Council.


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