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The City of Geneva waives the collection of rent from public facilities and businesses obliged to close in accordance with the Federal Council’s decision relating to the measures adopted to combat the coronavirus

In light of the current health crisis, the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva plans to take all possible measures to support companies directly affected by the situation, and in particular those which are obliged to close in accordance with the decisions taken by the Federal Council to combat the coronavirus.

The decision has therefore been taken to waive the collection of rent from public facilities and non-essential businesses which have closed in accordance with the decisions of the Federal Council (non-food shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities and any establishments providing services implying close contact with customers) for the month of April 2020.

In light of the circumstances and the number of tenants concerned, it is physically impossible to provide partial refunds for the period from 15 to 31 March 2020; exoneration from payment will thus be extended by an equivalent period, to within one or two days, from the date on which the measures are relaxed.


Other commercial tenants which have not been expressly ordered to close by the Federal Council but who are suffering the full consequences of the crisis, can contact the Canton of Geneva by calling the hotline, opened by the Department of the Economy, on 022 388 34 34. In this way, they can remain informed of the measures in place and the possibilities for receiving assistance.

The City of Geneva is naturally monitoring the discussions between the Canton, the Confederation and the tenants’ associations very closely and will comply with the decisions taken over the coming weeks.

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