The City of Geneva wins the FLUX Swiss mobility prize

The FLUX prize is awarded every year to a recently redeveloped Swiss interchange hub. It acknowledges developments offering travellers outstanding user comfort, thereby helping increase the attractiveness of public transport compared to individual means of transport.

Prix suisse de la mobilité FLUX

On 2 November 2022, the City of Geneva won the FLUX prize – awarded by CarPostal, the Union of Public Transport (UTP) and the Transport and Environment Association (ATE) – for its new interchange hub focussing on les Eaux-Vives station.

Every year, the jury makes it choice based on a different central theme. In 2022, it examined the five new interchange hubs on the Léman Express line and awarded the FLUX prize to the hub in les Eaux-Vives. The quality of the public space redevelopment project meant that the prize went to the City of Geneva. These public areas were designed and implemented in collaboration with the different project owners on site.

Multi-modal interface

This multi-modal interface is a key mobility hub, hosting a station on the Léman express railway line, numerous public transport services (trams, buses and regional coaches) and soft mobility facilities. A new neighbourhood is currently being developed around this multi-modal hub, which is home to accommodation, public facilities, shops and recreational activities.

Prix suisse de la mobilité FLUX

The public areas were designed to provide a framework for the neighbourhood and are not merely residual areas.

Particular attention was paid to the quality of the public areas, with the implementation of structures designed to help reduce the presence of heat islands.


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