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The City is strengthening its anti-waste measure

The current health situation also has consequences with regard to occupancy of public areas and waste management. With the arrival of the fine weather and restaurants and terraces still closed, the public throngs to the squares, public benches and other areas to enjoy their lunch on the go or eat take-away dishes from local outlets.

Station tri déchets - Genève

A surge of people is expected during the Easter holidays and the repressive logistics solution will be adapted to contain the phenomenon of littering as far as possible. Each individual is called on to adopt a public-spirited and responsible behaviour, as the authorities will make every effort possible but ask their citizens to do the same.

On a daily basis, both in winter and summer, the Road Cleaning – Clean City service provides the public with 3,139 litter bins and 130 eco-points. In summer, these are accompanied by 25 x 800-litre containers and 30 x 200-litre drums.

Measure to be extended from 1 April

From 1 April, this measure will be extended by means of 45 additional 800-litre containers and 70 additional 200-litre drums placed in the busiest areas of the city.

The containers and litter bins will also be emptied on both Saturdays and Sundays. Beginning in April, a team of 14 road cleaning employees will bolster the ranks and will be on call for emergency interventions.

An additional 52 summer recycling centres

Finally, from 16 April, an additional 52 summer recycling centres are scheduled to be brought into service (in addition to the 130 already indicated). This unprecedented logistical measure should not, however, be seen as a panacea. The Road Cleaning – Clean City service regularly finds rubbish on the ground beside half-empty containers.

In an attempt to mitigate the phenomenon of littering, the repressive and preventive action of the municipal police will thus be essential. Target actions will be implemented at certain problem sites. Mixed patrols of inspectors (out of uniform) will also be organised at regular intervals.

For memory’s sake, littering fines generally range from CHF 100 to CHF 200, depending on the type of waste.


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