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Classroom units at les Allières and Trembley schools: work schedule

The schedule for installing the classroom units in les Allières and Trembley schools has been finalised. In les Allières, the City of Geneva will take advantage of the school holidays to carry out the particularly complex building development work on the school roof.

Pavillon scolaire Allières

The preparatory work on the roof of les Allières school began last July. Installation of the wooden units themselves can now begin. This work will take place from 24 to 28 October, during the week of school holidays.

The operation requires the total closure of the school, and Avenue des Allières will be closed to traffic. From 31 October, access to the school and the yard will return to normal, as will the local traffic.

Duration of the work

The units will be installed and assembled between 24 and 28 October. The finishing work (outside and interior fittings) will continue until the beginning of 2023. The school will thus have access to six additional classrooms, in principle in spring 2023, thereby enabling it to welcome the new pupils living in the district and to maintain good teaching conditions while hosting extra-curricular activities.

Next steps

In Trembley, the classroom units – representing 12 classrooms and extra-curricular premises as well as a dining room – will be installed close to the school buildings from 14 November. The assembly work will last four weeks. The new premises are scheduled to open their doors at the end of the first term in 2023.

This schedule highlights the commitment of the City of Geneva to coping with the increased number of pupils and children benefiting from extra-curricular activities.


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