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“Ma commune, mon quotidien”: the campaign highlighting the services provided by the municipalities of Geneva

Under the slogan “Ma commune, mon quotidien”, the Association of the Municipalities of Geneva (ACG) is launching an awareness campaign focussing on the municipalities of Geneva , using a series of images to present the services it provides for the public.

Campagne ACG - communes genevoises

With the majority of the population not necessarily aware of the role played by the municipalities, the latter were keen to provide more information about their actions. The municipalities provide a large number of services for the local inhabitants. Now, through a campaign illustrating these services, the municipalities wanted to be sure that local residents make the link between the services they enjoy and the municipalities responsible for them.

Poster campaign

This campaign is a first for the ACG, whose main mission is to defend the interests of the municipalities of Geneva. Comprising 4 different-coloured posters and under the single slogan “Ma commune, mon quotidien”, the campaign presents pictograms allowing people to quickly and easily understand the wide range of services: in particular extracurricular activities, nurseries and day care, maintenance of public thoroughfares, planning of parks and public areas, waste collection and disposal, construction and maintenance of school buildings, the civil registry office, funding of sports and cultural equipment and public safety (firefighters, municipal officers and civil defence).

Launched on 20 September, the campaign will be implemented across the entire territory of Geneva for several weeks, with regular reminders through posters in public areas and posts on the municipalities’ digital networks. 

An informative website

A website,, has been created for the occasion in order to explain the flagship services and present a few key figures along with an interactive map of the canton indicating the location of the services in each municipality. The aim of this website is to serve as an entry portal, informing the public about the role of the municipalities. 

“The ACG is very proud to present this illustrated campaign highlighting the municipalities – a first for our association – which, in one fell swoop, relays a message that is easy to understand through stylised and inclusive pictograms,” says Gilbert Vonlanthen, Chairman of the ACG.

About the Association of the Municipalities of Geneva (ACG)

The institutional representative of the 45 municipalities of Geneva, the ACG’s main remit is to defend and promote their common interests vis-à-vis the cantonal public authorities and private organisations. In reality, the activities of the ACG extend much further, as it also provides a number of services for the municipalities, in particular through the inter-municipal bodies which fall under its administrative, accounting and financial control in such varied fields as extracurricular activities (GIAP), IT and the processing of eat waste. 


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