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Coronavirus: the City implements the Solidarité 65+ plan

In response to the health crisis, the City of Geneva has implemented a solidarity plan designed to provide assistance to isolated or vulnerable people over the age of 65. In particular, the Solidarité 65+ plan includes a “Solidarité 65+” toll-free telephone number, 0800 22 55 11, which has been in operational since the beginning of the week. This solidarity plan also includes other services which will be provided either by the City directly or through partnerships with associations.

Coronavirus - solidarité 65 +

At the initiative of the State Council, a municipal solidarity plan has been implemented in the municipalities of Geneva to provide isolated or vulnerable senior citizens with effective assistance.

Toll-free number
0800 22 55 11

Within the framework of the Solidarité 65+ plan, the City of Geneva has sent a letter to some 32,000 people over the age of 65 living in the municipality.

The letter informs these people of the introduction of a toll-free “Solidarité 65+” telephone number, 0800 22 55 11, which can be called from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This special number is intended for senior citizens requiring tangible assistance. It also offers them the possibility of registering their details in order to benefit from regular phone contact with the City’s staff and to notify them of any needs they might have..

Furthermore, senior citizens wishing to benefit from the delivery of meals at home are invited to contact the Institution de maintien, d’aide et de soins à domicile (imad) on 022 420 23 00.

Assistance with shopping

In addition to maintaining contact with the outside world through regular telephone calls from the City of Geneva’s staff, the Solidarité 65+ plan provides isolated senior citizens with the possibility of requesting assistance with their shopping. This assistance is provided by the City as part of a partnership with the Geneva Red Cross.

Through the Solidarité 65+ plan, the City of Geneva is keen to protect the health of senior citizens who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus epidemic, to provide them with tangible everyday assistance and to alleviate their isolation during this difficult period.


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