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Coronavirus: new measures concerning public areas and social actions (25 March 2020)

During its session of 24 March, the Administrative Council confirmed certain measures and took additional ones in order to address the crisis linked to the spread of Covid-19. The costs of using public areas have thus been greatly reduced while actions taken to support isolated people or those living in a precarious situation have been reinforced.


Fitness outdoors, play areas and public toilets

On 23 March, the City of Geneva decided to close play areas, as the concentration of children in these areas contravenes the authorities’ directives prohibiting gatherings of more than 5 people. It also decided to close fitness areas in parks. Despite the safety instructions that have been repeatedly broadcast for a number of days, the local sports facilities continue to generate too many gatherings of young people in breach of the authorities’ directives.

The Administrative Council has also confirmed its decision to close public toilets.

Events and commercial activities in public areas

The City of Geneva has decided to waive the administrative fees and not to charge the public sphere taxes associated with events that have been cancelled following the measures taken by the Federal Council and the State Council to combat COVID-19,and for which the authorisations have already been issued.

It has also taken the decision not to charge any rent on pavilions and kiosks during the health crisis. Nor will the increased use of public areas by the terraces of public institutions give rise to any charges. These measures will be renewed if the deadlines stipulated in the federal ordinance relating to the measures designed to combat COVID-19 are Extended.

Furthermore, the City will not charge rent on markets traders’ stalls during the health crisis linked to the spread of the coronavirus or the daily rent of daily traders for 3 months after the date on which the market reopens.

During the health crisis linked to the spread of the coronavirus, the administrative fees, taxes and/or charges resulting from the advertising procedures of shops and all other forms of encroachment on public areas have been waived. Finally, the taxes for encroachment linked to construction sites and excavations will not be charged.

Social emergency and municipal solidarity plan

Food vouchers will be distributed to the most deprived individuals by the Colis du Coeur Association. As part of the municipal solidarity plan implemented by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity, meals will be delivered to the homes of senior citizens by the Institution genevoise pour le maintien à domicile (IMAD).

For more information concerning the precautions to be taken and any developments to the situation, a page dedicated to the coronavirus relaying the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Canton is available for consultation.


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