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COVID-19: Geneva’s public authorities join forces to support the sports sector

The Cantonal Sport Aid Fund, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva have joined forces to answer the concerns of sports associations and provide an emergency service in the form of a single online portal and two online meetings.

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The "Covid-19" pandemic is now really taking its toll on both our country and our canton. In particular, it has caused major economic damage for Geneva’s sports associations and the organisers of events taking place in Geneva.

In order to answer the concerns of local sports associations, which are entirely legitimate in the current context, and in light of the federal ordinance concerning the measures intended to accompany the sports sector aimed at mitigating the consequences of the measures taken on 20 March 2020 by the Confederation to combat the coronavirus, available for download at the bottom of the page, the Cantonal Sport Aid Fund, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva have joined forces to provide an emergency service in the form of a single online portal specific to the sports sector while also organising two meetings in the form of online conferences in order to comply with the different semi-confinement measures taken by the Federal Council.

The platform

Through this platform, the public authorities want to understand the economic consequences linked to covid-19 with regard to the management of associations and/or the organisation of sporting events. The associations concerned will soon have the opportunity to submit an online request for exceptional assistance in order to offset any losses suffered.

For its part, the Association of municipalities of Geneva (ACG) has undertaken to communicate the information to all the municipalities so that municipal clubs can also benefit from the single portal with a view to reaching Geneva’s sports scene as a whole.

What to do

Who can submit a request?

  • Non-profit sports organisations and clubs based in Geneva
  • Umbrella sports associations in the Canton of Geneva
  • Event organisers in the Canton of Geneva

What types of support are available?

(Non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Field 6.1 – Covid-19 sporting event: For example: cancellation or postponement of a sporting event or possibly the organisation of such an event just before the ban was introduced
  • Field 6.2 – Covid-19 sports association/club: losses suffered due to disturbances resulting from the current situation with regard to day-to-day sporting activities and the operations of the sports association or club.

Is it possible to submit several requests?

Yes, the request must relate to proven losses that can be justified at the time the request is submitted; it is possible to submit requests for both fields.

Where and how should a request for exceptional support be submitted?

Via the Sports Fund platform
2 possibilities:

  • You already have an account: connect using your connection e-mail and complete the desired request under “new request”
  • You do not have an account. In this case:
  1. Create a profile (new account)
  2. Submit the request (new request)

The Cantonal Office of Sport and Culture and the Sports Service of the City of Geneva will not answer requests covered by this procedure. All your questions, remarks and applications relating to Covid19 must therefore only be submitted via this platform.


If you have any administrative questions concerning the submission of requests, please use the following e-mail address only: @email


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