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COVID-19: the solidarity voucher scheme has been extended and broadened

In the wake of the recent federal measures linked to the health crisis and in light of the efficacy of the municipal scheme, the City of Geneva has decided to prolong and broaden the scope of its operation designed to support the local economy. Approved by the Municipal Council on 19 January 2021, this action is now open to café-restaurants and to the care-giving sector in addition to stores not selling food.

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The solidarity voucher scheme implemented by the City of Geneva has been extended and its scope broadened until 28 February 2021. These vouchers, worth 20, 50, 100 and 200 francs, will continued to be sold via the platform with a 20% discount financed by the municipality. The citizens of Geneva have the possibility of purchasing an unlimited number of vouchers by selecting one or more stores, and the scheme has now been extended to include café-restaurants and care providers located within the City of Geneva. The operation is designed to support the local economy while giving the city’s population a welcome helping hand. It continues to promote the Léman by financing discounts of 40% in those stores which accept this local currency.

Assessment of the initial operation

For a period of 6 weeks from 7 December, 213 stores sold almost 65,000 solidarity vouchers via GenèveAvenue for a total amount of over 8.8 million francs. Bike stores enjoyed considerable success, accounting for 15% of the vouchers purchased and a total of about 1.3 million francs. The total cost to the City of Geneva is 2.3 million francs, representing almost all the 2.5 million francs’ worth of credit assigned by the Municipal Council in November. The lever effect generated for Geneva’s economy is almost 9 million francs, which is paid directly to the retailers.

Furthermore, the thirty stores participating in the operation which accept the local Léman currency and therefore give rise to an additional discount have enabled the number of Léman in circulation to double. An equivalent of 250,000 francs has indeed been injected into the local sustainable currency system which strengthens the local economic fabric and is founded on responsible financial practices.

An effective and broadened operation

The City of Geneva wishes to continue supporting local trade and enhancing the purchasing power of Geneva’s inhabitants in light of the difficult situation caused by COVID-19 and the decision taken by the Federal Council on 13 January to close stores. With the observed efficacy of the solidarity voucher scheme and the positive feedback from local traders, the Municipal Council voted on 19 January 2021 to grant an additional loan worth 5 million francs at the proposal of the Administrative Council. This sum will serve to extend the operation and include other sectors severely affected by the health crisis including café-restaurants, hair salons and beauty and care institutes (services reimbursed by health insurance are excluded from the operation). Food stores, with the exception of those selling wine and chocolate, are still excluded from the campaign.

Thanks to the system introduced by the City of Geneva, which makes it unique, companies can receive the full value of the vouchers purchased immediately. These can be used until 31 December 2021 either via the platform or directly in the chosen store. The free deliveries made by caddie service by means of electric bike for purchases made either online or in-store will also be extended.

The operation will continue in partnership with Fondetec, GenèveAvenue and the “Monnaie Léman” network.

More information / contact

People who are not accustomed to completing procedures online can obtain assistance by contacting Espace Ville de Genève on 022 418 99 00.

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