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The new cycle map has arrived

The 2023 edition of the “Geneva centre” cycle map is now available. This new cycle map, which was the subject of a motion to the Executive Council “In favour of the return of the cycling plan”, is intended for both regular cyclists and newcomers to this mode of transport.

Rubrique associée

Carte vélo 2023

The front of the map recommends routes for both regular and occasional urban journeys.

The recommended routes use streets with cycle paths or cycle lanes, or “calm” streets with lower speed limits more suitable to cycle traffic.

Latest developments

This version reflects the spirit and scope of the 2013 edition by including all the latest developments to the cycling network. The routes are direct while some are long-distance, enabling cyclists to reach any destination within the canton with ease.

Other less direct routes make it easier to cross different neighbourhoods. Both types of route can be used together to arrive safely at your destination.

On the back is a major innovation, in particular intended for families and people new to cycling. The recommended routes meet stringent criteria with regard to comfort and safety. Only streets with cycle paths separated from motor traffic are included.

These routes are particularly suitable for people who have just started cycling or who want to ride in a calm environment, for example people with children sitting in a trailer or child seat or who are sufficiently experienced to use their own bike.

This document, which is also translated into English, contains information and contacts useful to cyclists. The map has been produced in collaboration with the company Mobilidée. It is available from the Espace Ville de Genève and from a number of different partners and associations.


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