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Delivery spaces for professionals

An awareness campaign is being conducted by the State of Geneva and the Car Parks Foundation to return delivery spaces, which are necessary to professional activity, to their intended use. The City of Geneva is relaying this campaign, which is in line with its desire to facilitate business mobility, in particular by means of signs erected in several streets or neighbourhoods in the city centre.

Campagne livraison

Frequently observed, misuse of delivery spaces has an adverse effect on business activity, with professionals needing to stop close to their destination. An awareness campaign was launched on 5 September 2022 and will be pursued with the intensification of spot checks from 10 October 2022.

Spaces where parking is prohibited

The yellow “delivery” spaces with two intersecting diagonals and the yellow lines interspersed with “Xs” are spaces where parking is prohibited both day and night. Primarily intended for professionals, they allow vehicles to load or unload goods or to allow passengers to embark or disembark. Parking, however, is prohibited (art. 79a Ordinance on road signs).

It is nevertheless clear that these spaces are not always used for their intended purpose. They are often occupied by private vehicles, which park there during the day or night, preventing deliveries to businesses from being made in suitable conditions. The incorrect use of these delivery spaces hampers the activity of professionals, causing unnecessary traffic congestion and economic losses for companies.

Furthermore, to ensure that these spaces are used for their intended purpose, the tolerances will be altered in these spaces while controls will be stepped up. For professional vehicles, the tolerated stopping time is still a maximum of twenty minutes, after which the user is liable to receive a parking ticket.

This duration can be doubled in agreement with the warden responsible for the control when loading/unloading large goods requiring more time than for a simple delivery.

For private vehicles, on the other hand, only the loading/unloading of goods or the dropping off/picking up of passengers is authorised in these spaces. No tolerance will be granted. Any private individual unable to prove that such an activity is in progress is liable to receive a fine.

An increased campaign in several sectors of the City

In the City of Geneva, several locations where the misuse of delivery spaces is particularly common have been identified. These will be subject to on-site signage in addition to the distribution of flyers on windscreens.

On the southern shore, these locations include Rue de la Rôtisserie, Rue du Rhône and Rue de Montchoisy, while on the northern shores, they include Place de Cornavin, Rue de Lausanne and the district of les Pâquis.

Finally, while the campaign targets the city centre, it also applies to the entire Canton.

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