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The Department of Highways has activated its snow and black ice programme

The Department of Highways has activated its special winter programme until spring. With temperatures falling and the possibility of poor weather to come, there is a high risk of snow and black ice on the 220 km of roads and 440 km of pavements and footpaths in the City of Geneva.


Throughout the winter, the municipal services will join forces in taking action as quickly as possible in order to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. In total, almost one hundred employees can be called on around the clock 7 days a week until the end of March.

The operational capabilities consist of forty vehicles, including thirty small vehicles intended to make public transport stops and pavements safe. Ten heavy goods vehicles, fitted with ploughs and gritters, deal with the main roads and public transport lanes as a priority. The trucks are fitted with temperature sensors which help optimise gritting operations, thereby limiting the cost and environmental impact.

Forecasting snow and ice

The data recorded by the meteorological stations across the municipality and detailed weather reports are consulted in order to anticipate episodes of freezing and snowfall. An operations officer is always on duty and monitors the territory within the city to detect even the slightest problem. He/she can trigger the alert very quickly in coordination with the different private operators and cantonal services.

Unexpected black ice or snow accumulating on the ground represents a challenge for the municipal territory: it cannot all be removed at the same time, but the Department of Highways has significant capabilities used in accordance with a tried-and-tested strategy which determines how these resources are used and what the priority actions are in order to limit the impact on everyday life within the city.

While the City itself has significant operational capabilities, it also relies on the collaboration of its citizens. Building caretakers and shop tenants can help the Department of Highways by clearing snow from in front of the buildings. Vehicle owners are requested to leave their vehicles at home or fit winter tyres to avoid paralysing the traffic in the event of heavy snowfall. The Department of Highways would ask motorists to park their vehicles correctly during the winter: it is essential that cars are not parked outside the marked spaces in order to facilitate the movements of snow ploughs. Motorbikes and mopeds, etc. must not protrude into the road for the same reasons.


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