FAIRE FACE campaign: let’s get together in Geneva to talk about the dangers of climate change

The Political Working Group of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) Geneva movement has joined forces with organisations in the fields of ecological transition, mental health and non-violent communication under the banner of collective intelligence to launch a communication and awareness campaign called FAIRE FACE. The City of Geneva is supporting this campaign financially and logistically through its Agenda 21 – Sustainable City department.

Campagne Faire-Face

Starting from the twin observation that a) the climate emergency is not made sufficiently visible by the authorities in a public space flooded with advertisements pushing denial and ecological disaster, and b) many citizens believe that Switzerland is safe from the impacts of climate change, the FAIRE FACE campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the climate-related threats and vulnerabilities which are specific to the Geneva region.

What can we expect if political and individual inaction continues? The aim of this campaign is to deliver clear, accessible scientific messages to the general public about the risks of climate change specific to Geneva.

This is why the initiators of the project and members of Extinction Rebellion welcome the decision of the City of Geneva to support the first demand of the movement, which is to tell the truth about the situation and the need for urgent action to extricate ourselves from it.

Campaign showcasing scenarios

Launched on 30 May 2022, a billboard and video campaign is presenting eight emergency scenarios in the 2040s based on risks verified by a committee of scientific experts. The campaign was designed by Studio Yomira in collaboration with Sonia Dominguez and Rob van Leijsen. For example, the Pâquis Heatwave billboard tackles the issue of extreme heat episodes, which are set to increase in frequency and intensity. It also highlights the danger to human health posed by temperatures of this magnitude in a city not suited to +40°C. This particular billboard is focusing on the Pâquis district, but increasingly extreme temperatures will affect the entire Geneva region – city and surrounding countryside.

Available online is a “Canton Geneva Climate Analysis” map showing projections for every part of the canton. The billboard is a clarion call to renounce this unenviable future and take action to stop this scenario from occurring. It invites citizens to visit the website faire-face.ch for information on the risks, to suggest a list of discussion areas, to widen the field of participatory possibilities and to join those who are already taking action to change tomorrow.

Available to the general public are 14 discussion areas in four different formats

They will be facilitated by a number of associations. One of the formats, “Climate Encounter”, is a free group discussion facilitated by two moderators to ensure that everyone is given a sympathetic hearing and is able meet others concerned about the climate. “Circle of Emotions” juggles between groups and pairs, guided by questioning to facilitate the sharing of negative as well as positive emotions, and in particular to allow for eco-anxiety.

The initiators and partner organisations look forward to meeting the general public between 11 and 26 June. Programme of activities on the faire-face.ch website


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