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Festi’Terroir, the big direct sales and organic market, returns for a fourth edition

The fourth edition of Festi’Terroir will be held on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August 2022 in Parc des Bastions, Geneva. The fruit of a collaboration between the association Bio Genève, the Geneva Office for the Promotion of Agricultural Products (Genève Terroir) and the City of Geneva, this annual event offers a unique opportunity to meet the actors who make our regional agriculture and food sector what it is.

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Tastings, catering and market stalls where seasonal fruit and veg, local herbs and flowers of all kinds rub shoulders with wine and cheese specialities – there will be a wide choice of local products guaranteed to please anyone who takes the time to visit.

Numerous associations in the fields of sustainable agriculture and food will also be on hand to talk about their work and organise workshops and activities for all the family.

All this to the backdrop of itinerant concerts. On Friday evening, visitors can turn the event into an aperitif as they meet different wine-growers and brewers from the Geneva region while enjoying a meal as they listen to a semi-acoustic concert.

Locally-sourced food and short circuits

As the immediate visible effects of global warming, the extreme weather conditions to which we have been subjected this year remind us now more than ever of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint by prioritising locally-sourced seasonal produce. Festi’Terroir is therefore the opportunity to (re)discover the rich agricultural production of the local area, to make it more accessible to the urban population and to increase awareness of more responsible consumption

“This festival helps create strong ties between local consumers and producers, and I am delighted by that. A robust and sustainable local economy needs food value chains which make it possible to produce, process and consume locally. That is why, as Minister of the Economy and Employment, I undertake to make every effort to ensure our food sovereignty,” explains State Councillor Fabienne Fischer.

According to Alfonso Gomez, Executive Councillor of the City of Geneva responsible for the Department of Finance, Housing and the Environment, “Festi’Terroir is the ideal opportunity to allow city-dwellers to familiarise themselves with the local agricultural scene, to strengthen the ties between the city and the rural areas and to promote locally-sourced food and short circuits. As food makes a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions within our territory, implementing a sustainable food system in our region is absolutely essential and is in line with the City of Geneva’s climate strategy”.

Finally, as Denis Beausoleil, Director of Genève Terroir, reminds us, “There are numerous opportunities all year round to meet the producers on their farms: Festi'Terroir is probably the most attractive of these events organised in the city, bringing city-dwellers and the agricultural sector together!”

Festi’Terroir 2022 – 4th edition

17 producers, 6 processors, 27 wine-makers, brewers and distillers, 11 restaurateurs and 20 associations and institutions will be on hand throughout the weekend in Parc des Bastions, offering you the chance to discover the wealth and diversity of the local territory at the very heart of the city. The full list of participants and all useful information can be found at

  • Friday 19 August | 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.: Aperitif/tasting and concert
  • Saturday 20 August | 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.: Market, activities and concerts
  • Sunday 21 August | 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Market, activities and concerts

Festi'Terroir 2022 (from 19 to 21 August)

Discover the full details of the programme!

Un événement qui s'inscrit dans la Stratégie climat de la Ville

Festi'Terroir is an event designed to meet several objectives of the City of Geneva’s climate strategy. Learn about all the measures of this strategy at


Festi'Terroir 2022 is organised by the City of Geneva, Genève Terroir and Bio Genève, with the support of Bio Suisse and the State of Geneva (Department of the Economy and Employment and Department of the Territory) and the media partnerships of Radio Lac and Terre&Nature.


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