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Free home delivery for senior citizens by the municipal libraries

On 18 November 2020, the municipal libraries launched a home delivery service for people aged 65 and over. Anyone in this age group will thus be able to continue borrowing documents while benefiting from free access to this cultural service in complete safety. Showing their commitment and solidarity, Servette Rugby Club de Genève is participating in this locally-based operation by offering the services of its players!

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The necessary closure of cultural venues to combat the spread of the coronavirus affects everyone who makes use of the municipal libraries and would, in normal times, visit them on a regular basis. This is particularly the case of senior citizens, who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and less familiar with the digital online service provided by the libraries. Against the backdrop of the health crisis and limited social interaction, providing access to cultural activities for the most fragile individuals offers a certain degree of comfort and helps reduce the feeling of isolation.

That is why the municipal libraries of the City of Geneva have launched a free home delivery service intended for members aged 65 and over. “Our cultural institutions innovate and adapt day in, day out – despite the restrictive environment – in order to continue making their services available to everyone by developing original, practical and supportive solutions,” states Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva, responsible for culture.

Launched on 18 November, this service is intended for the 2,400 readers aged 65 and over who are members of the municipal libraries and live in the City of Geneva. Those concerned will be notified by letter or e-mail. They will have the possibility of borrowing 5 books and 5 audio documents (audio books, music CDs, DVDs) once a month. Once the orders have been processed, and to limit the ecological footprint of the operation, the books and other documents will be delivered by electric bike in complete safety.

Partnership with Servette Rugby Club

The municipal libraries benefit in particular from an original partnership with Servette Rugby Club de Genève ,which has volunteered the services of its players to deliver the orders. “Taking part in this neighbourhood operation alongside the municipal libraries of the City of Geneva to support our senior citizens in this difficult situation is an act of solidarity that reflects the values and principles fostered by the sport of rugby while also promoting our ‘Pacte Grenat’ environmental initiative,” stresses Alain Studer, President of Servette Rugby Club.
Through its central location, the size of its collection and the diversity of documents it proposes, the Bibliothèque de la Cité will coordinate this operation with the support of the staff of the other libraries. Following a pilot phase, the service will be assessed with a view to improving and adjusting it or simply to validate the internal process adopted. It will therefore be possible to reactivate this service immediately in the event of any subsequent closure. The possibility of extending this service to other groups of the population is also being explored.


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