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The “genève en été” app returns in 2020

Once again this year, the City of Geneva – in partnership with the association PFL Management – proposes a free and immediately accessible app providing full access to a summer programme brimming with culture, sport and events.

Genève en été

The genève en été app proposes a diary containing hundreds of events organised in the city’s parks and on the lake shore, both day and night.

While spring was deprived of most of its sporting, cultural and social events due to the coronavirus, the summer offerings will be different from previous year but just as rich and authentic.

Share the events

The app offers direct access to the week’s upcoming events as well as information by venue, theme or events nearby. A third tab enables you to create and save your own personal programme. The app also enables you to share events with your contacts or via the social networks.

In line with a desire for “digital proximity”, the app is designed from A to Z in Geneva. It provides local solutions which fully respect users’ data integrity (no tracking, no use of data, etc.).

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