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Gilbert Albert exhibition at the MAH

This summer, the Museum of Art and History dons its finest attire with an exhibition paying homage to Gilbert Albert, who passed away several months ago. In 2016, the foundation created by the famous Geneva-based jeweller donated a hundred pieces to the MAH, which will be on show from 10 July.

Gilbert Albert, a pioneer

Drawing on the currents first seen around the beginning of the 20th century, Gilbert Albert (1930-2019) is seen as a pioneer of contemporary “jewellery d’auteur”. As a critical observer of society, the master craftsman is known for his signature style and interchangeable beads as well as his use of new materials and his rich “language” (beaded gold, crumpled gold, natural or imprinted chasing, etc.) offering a new take on jewellery, both baroque and erudite. The works of Gilbert Albert are inextricably linked to the jeweller’s singular personality. A public figure, free thinker, mischievous and impertinent, Gilbert Albert left an indelible mark on the Republic of Geneva through his generosity and his critical yet fertile thinking. More than a retrospective, this exhibition aims to anchor the work and personality of Gilbert Albert in the history of modern jewellery and thus shed light on the pioneering nature of his works, between ancient tradition and know-how.

Exposition Gilbert Albert

A style firmly rooted in Nature

In the majestic setting of the first “palatine” room, this exhibition focusses on nature, so greatly admired and celebrated by the artist. Originally staged, it echoes the proliferation and creativity of both Gilbert Albert and Nature. The exhibition explores this link, calling on so-called “naturalist” collections (crystals, coral, fossils, cut and uncut gemstones, etc.) as well as landmark pieces of modern jewellery kept at the MAH. These will put the work of Gilbert Albert into context among the clear and less obvious sources of inspiration.

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From 10 July to 15 November 2020

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