For an immediate end to the conflict in Ukraine!

The Executive Council of the City of Geneva is appalled at Russian aggression against Ukraine and is extremely concerned for the fate of the civilian population, in particular in those Ukrainian cities where fierce fighting is threatening both civilians and civilian infrastructures.

Ukraine Palais Eynard

The Executive Council is deeply concerned by the fact that the values of peaceful coexistence , democracy, human rights and international law have been seriously violated by this aggression.

It calls on all parties to the conflict, and in particular the Russian political and military leaders, to respect international humanitarian law, and more particularly the Geneva Conventions, and to display respect for the non-combatant populations.

In light of the humanitarian disaster facing the Ukrainian people, the Executive Council has declared its willingness to consult with other Swiss cities with a view to providing the Ukrainian population with humanitarian aid, in particular in the cities, and to welcome those Ukrainians seeking refuge on our soil. The Executive asks the Federal Council to ensure that Switzerland respects its humanitarian commitments and to authorise the cantons, cities and municipalities to welcome people who have become refugees following the invasion of the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian flag flying over Geneva City Hall

Since Tuesday 1 March, the Ukrainian flag has been flying alongside the Peace flag over Geneva City Hall and at the Palais Anna et Jean-Gabriel Eynard. In this way, the City of Geneva wishes to show its solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


Yannick Richter

Chargé de l'information du Conseil administratif / Information officer of the Executive Council


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