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“Lights out during the night” campaign

Lighting shop windows, signs and empty offices at night is far from essential. To limit light pollution and save energy, the City of Geneva has launched an awareness campaign accompanied by a practical guide primarily intended for shops and companies.

Campagne Eteindre lumières

Commercial and/or private lighting is not managed by the public authorities but is visible in public areas. In particular, this lighting can be seen in shop windows, signs, non-residential buildings and common areas in residential buildings.

The City of Geneva wants to limit excess artificial lighting, which is harmful to living organisms. But it cannot succeed alone, which is why it has published a guide to best practices, relating to lighting that is not managed by the public authorities. This guide reiterates the legal framework in force and presents recommendations.

In addition to switching off in the middle of the night, paying attention to the quality of the lighting and the light sources used can play a key role in improving the nocturnal environment.

The revised lighting plan

The awareness campaign primarily relates to shop windows, signs and empty offices. These themes are addressed in detail in the practical guide. The main message is to switch off commercial lighting during the night. Switching off lighting in all shop windows, signs and empty offices is recommended between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., as well in the common areas of residential buildings visible from public areas (for example stairwells).

This campaign follows in the wake of the revision of the City of Geneva’s lighting plan in May 2021.

Numerous measures have already been taken to avoid unnecessary light emissions, such as dimming public lighting during the night and eliminating certain lights. More broadly speaking, through its climate strategy, the City of Geneva also undertakes to combat global warming and preserve biodiversity.

Practical guide and posters

The best practices guide and posters are available for download at the bottom of the page. Printed copies of the guide and placards can be obtained from the Planning, Civil Engineering and Mobility Service (AGCM).


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