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Localised neighbourhood plan in Bourgogne: discover the redevelopment project

Located in the district of les Charmilles, an urban redevelopment project is currently under way in the Bourgogne neighbourhood. Discover this project via the City model, on show at the Forum Faubourg, and a full web dossier on the matter.

PLQ Bourgogne - biodiversité - teaser

Vue du projet Bourgogne à 10 ans, au coeur de l'îlot.

The objectives of the localised neighbourhood plan (LNP) include enabling the construction of 15 buildings (480 affordable apartments), providing almost 5,200 m² of land intended to host a range of activities and, most importantly, offering the population a new public park.

Exhibition of the model of the Bourgogne project

In order to inform the population of the procedure to be implemented, the City of Geneva is presenting the model of the City of Geneva, including the localised neighbourhood plan (LNP) at the Forum Faubourg (6, rue des Terreaux-du-Temple) from 24 January to 25 February 2023.

Built on a scale of 1:500, this model is of great help in visualising redevelopment projects in their urban context.

The exhibition will open at 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday 24 January in the presence of Ms Perler, Administrative Councillor, and Mr Hodgers, State Councillor, without any official part.

In addition to welcoming the public, surgeries will be organised by a member of staff of the Town Planning Service along with a round table, with the participation of both opponents and supporters of the project. All the info on this exhibition can be found in our online diary

The LNP for Bourgogne will be submitted to the inhabitants of the City of Geneva during the referendum of 12 March 2023.

Du 24 janvier au 25 février 2023

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