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Ludobus: time to play in the parks and school yards!

A firm favourite with the public, the two ludobuses will be setting up stall in Parc des Acacias, Parc des Bastions and Parc des Cropettes until 24 September, as well as in the Geisendorf school yard and on Place de la Navigation. Open to all, this free summer entertainment puts play and discovery centre stage. And all in complete safety in accordance with the health recommendations.

photo d'un ludobus

Every year, the ludobuses receive more than 15,000 visits! Thanks to this convivial local service, children and family can enjoy numerous games and entertainment throughout the summer in the city’s parks and school yards.

Entertainment from Monday to Thursday

The service is open to all and provided free of charge. In the current context, the ludobuses will visit five sites in the City of Geneva this summer, located on both sides of the lake. For health reasons, anyone wishing to take advantage of the ludobuses is asked to indicate their contact details in a register. Hydro-alcoholic gel is also provided on site.
The ludobuses can be found in the following five locations from 6 July to 24 September, Mondays to Thursdays from 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.:

300 games available

This service is provided by the School and Child Institutions Service in collaboration with the ludothèques of the City of Geneva which bring their service to the public. A team of four games librarians works with each of the two vehicles in order to offer the numerous users advice concerning the 300 games available. For children, teenagers and adults alike, all that matters is that you want to play, regardless of your age!
By using games as a teaching support, the ludobuses foster sociability and the development of intergenerational ties. It also helps recently arrived families to feel part of their new surroundings and to live in harmony with their neighbours.

Detailed schedule available for download here.


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