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Major roadworks on the Pont du Mont-Blanc from 31 May to 12 September 2021

Major work will be carried out on the Pont du Mont-Blanc from 31 May to 12 September 2021, as well as in Rue du Mont-Blanc and Rue Chantepoulet. The sealing of the bridge will be entirely renewed while the temporary cycle path on the upstream side will be made permanent and safer in order to improve the quality of cycle travel. A new sound-absorbent surface will be laid in order to reduce sound pollution.

Pont du Mont-Blanc

Mobility affected

Close collaboration between the City of Geneva, the Cantonal Transport Office and the Services industriels de Genève (SIG) has made it possible to group the work together in these three areas in order to minimise the impacts. Thanks to the modified bus lines introduced by the Transports publics genevois (TPG) and extended work times for certain operations on the bridge, this work site will be completed in three and a half months, including the eight weeks of the summer holidays.

Throughout the entire duration of the work, it will nevertheless be necessary to close certain traffic lanes to allow the work to be completed. While the Pont du Mont-Blanc, rue du Mont-Blanc and rue de Chantepoulet will remain open, motorised traffic will nevertheless be affected. Drivers are invited to use other routes and/or other means of transport. All the information on this subject is available at

For bicycles, a detour will be introduced to facilitate travel from the left bank to the right bank via the Pont des Bergues. Around the horloge fleurie, the existing system intended specially for bicycles provides a convenient means of crossing the junction to reach Place du Rhône. In the other direction, a detour via the Pont des Bergues will only be necessary at the very beginning of the work for a period of two weeks. For pedestrians, the downstream pavement on the Pont du Mont-Blanc will be closed from 31 May to 12 June 2021, so that the upstream pavement or the Pont des Bergues must be used. Finally, along Rue de Chantepoulet, the pavement will be renovated in front of numbers 2 and 4 as well as along the entire edge of the island between Rue de Berne and Rue du Mont-Blanc. A passage will be maintained for pedestrians and to ensure access to the shops.

All impacts on mobility at a glance

The impacts on mobility are summarised in the following document: impacts on mobility.

Major work

Dating back to 1970, the sealing on Pont du Mont-Blanc must be entirely refurbished to ensure the durability of the construction. It protects not only the reinforced concrete bridge platform but also the metal frame. A new sound-absorbent surface will be laid. This maintenance work also provides the opportunity to make the cycle path marked on the road permanent and safer. A cycle path separated from the traffic by means of a barrier will be built at the same height as the pavement. On Rue du Mont-Blanc and Rue de Chantepoulet, the implementation of a new sound-absorbent surface will reduce traffic-related sound pollution. Finally, this work will also allow the SIG to replace a drinking water pipe and an electric battery at the crossroads between the street and the Pont du Mont-Blanc.

Several work phases

The map of the different work phases can be accessed by clicking here.

Three and a half months to complete the work

The work has been scheduled for the summer in order to benefit from favourable weather conditions. The sealing work must be carried out on a dry medium and the installation of the sound-absorbent surface requires temperatures of more than 15°. The summer period is also suitable due to the reduced traffic flows during the school holidays. To ensure compliance with the work schedule on the Pont du Mont-Blanc, certain operations will also be carried out at night. Furthermore, some paving work needs to be carried out during certain weekends, involving occasional traffic restrictions.

The City of Geneva, the State of Geneva and the Services industriels de Genève have joined forces to ensure the smooth progress of this major work site and would like to thank the residents and public in advance for their patience and understanding.

Plans of the detours and cycle routes

Plan of detours for individual motorised means of transport 
Plan of cycle routes


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