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A new market for le Petit-Saconnex

From 10 May 2021, a new food market will set up stall on Place du Petit-Saconnex every Monday from 6.30 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.

Photo de fruits et légumes sur un marché

Now that the square has been redeveloped to create more space for pedestrians, the Administrative Councillor responsible for the Department of the Urban Environment and Safety, Ms Marie Barbey-Chappuis, has decided to establish a food market there with a view to promoting local commerce while making the square more lively so that it becomes a genuine public square at the heart of the village.

This market meets the demands of the Petit-Saconnex Residents’ Association.

The new market will offer space for 6 to 8 traders. The public will be able to purchase basic food products but not bakery products, as there are already three bakeries on the square. The market will give priority to local producers.

Marché du Petit-Saconnex

Place du Petit-Saconnex 11
1209 Genève

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