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Meals for senior citizens at the community centres

From 21 November to 13 December 2022, convivial meals will be organised for senior citizens in five of the City’s community centres. An excellent opportunity to discover your local senior citizens association, as well as the “Senior citizens near you” activities programme concocted by the Social Service, which proposes a wide range of activities for senior citizens. Prior registration on 0800 44 77 00.

Repas seniors quartiers

Are you over 65? Do you want to share a convivial moment with other senior citizens from your neighbourhood? You are welcome to join one of the senior citizens’ meals which will take place from 21 November to 16 December 2022, in the five community centres listed below.

The schedule

Simply register by calling the toll-free number on 0800 44 77 00. 

After the meal, there will be entertainment for all! This will offer everyone the chance to discover the senior citizens’ association in their neighbourhood together with the activities it organises.

The senior citizens’ meals are part of the Senior citizens near you activities programme, organised by the Social Service teams. The programme includes workshops, health cafés and shows. Don’t hesitate to come and share a convivial moment at your community centre!


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Tél. 0800 44 77 00 (n°gratuit)


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