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Meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin: the City of Geneva honoured by the choice of the Villa La Grange

The Executive Council of the City of Geneva is greatly honoured that the Villa La Grange has been chosen to host the meeting between the Russian and American presidents on Wednesday 16 June. It hopes that the discussions between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will be fruitful and constructive.

Villa Lagrange au parc Lagrange

With the City of Geneva being called on by the Confederation and the Canton, no fewer than 13 municipal services were quickly mobilised to implement the preparations for the meeting and meticulously carry out all the work necessary to ensure that the two delegations meet in the very best conditions.

The Excecutive Council would like to offer everyone concerned its warmest thanks. It nevertheless apologises for the inconvenience that this work may cause and thanks the local population for its understanding.

A number of prestigious guests

Bequeathed to the City of Geneva in 1917 by its final owner, William Favre, the La Grange estate estate has played an integral role in the history of Geneva ever since the 18th century. The Villa was home to patrician families who constantly improved the manor house over the years. It served as a discreet hideaway for numerous prestigious guests who forged the international destiny of Geneva, making it a symbol of hospitality and openness.

Nestling in a magnificent location in the middle of the park, the Villa La Grange will host the meeting between the Russian and American presidents on Wednesday 16 June 2021, 36 years after another historic meeting took place in Geneva between the American President, Ronald Reagan, and the former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev.

Thirty years before that, in 1955, Geneva hosted the historic meeting between the so-called “Big Four”. For the first time since 1945, the victors of the Second World War – the United States, the USSR, France and Great Britain – agreed to meet in Geneva under the aegis of the United Nations to discuss the key issues of peace and security.

Further information on safety and road traffic issues

Communiqué de presse du Canton de Genève - 16 juin 2021
Communiqué de presse du Canton de Genève - 11 juin 2021

Behind the scenes of the Summit preparations

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