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Through a series of extraordinary, easily-accessible stories, Mirabilia serves up unusual combinations of works of art, archive documents and scientific objects, all of which are drawn from the digitised collections of the municipal institutions. Mirabilia offers a fresh perspective of the cultural and scientific heritage of the City of Geneva.


What do a mad mollusc, a staff of friendship, diving goggles and a makpo sceptre have in common? They all appear in the wood section of the Mirabilia website!

Telling unusual stories

Born from the successful collaboration between 8 municipal institutions, Mirabilia presents a wide range of objects on a single platform through a number of original themes, exploring the links that exist between the different institutions. These treasures can also be discovered through an immersive process involving keywords or by adopting a chronological or geographical approach. The website tells unusual stories by relating objects to one another which would certainly never have rubbed shoulders in a non-digital world!

Make your own mix!

Mirabilia encourages cybernauts to create their own virtual galleries which they can then share via the social networks. The image database is regularly updated with new themes selected by an editorial committee comprising a representative of each institution. This offers the public the chance to enhance their virtual collection continually and to create their own museum!


Direction du Département de la culture et de la transition numérique

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