Nesting boxes in the city’s parks

The practices adopted by the City of Geneva to foster urban biodiversity include implementing differentiated maintenance of parks and gardens, abandoning the use of pesticides and creating favourable environments for local flora and fauna. Every year, the Groupe Ornithologique du Bassin Genevois (GOBG) deals with the maintenance of the nesting boxes installed in the city’s parks.

Nichoirs - Genève

There are more than a hundred nesting boxes scattered around the parks of Geneva that need to be emptied and cleaned every year before having their mountings checked and carefully loosened so as not to impede the tree’s growth. By providing shelter for numerous species of bird, they provide an additional contribution to urban biodiversity while making the public more keenly aware of the wide variety of birds living in our region. 

Each to their own nesting box

These little “boxes” are fastened to tree trunks. There are numerous different models, each designed for different species of bird (great tits, redstarts, stock doves, etc.). The nesting boxes are all made from sturdy local wood using no solvents or paint so as not to harm the animals. Almost all these shelters are occupied. They are important, as they provide more holes for birds, which are short of sites suitable for reproduction. That is shy the City of Geneva has called on ornithological experts (the Groupe Ornithologique du Bassin Genevois - GOBG) to manage the nesting parks scattered around the parks.

Installing a nesting box at home

Installing a nesting box at home, either on your balcony or in the garden, can provide numerous birds with a helping hand by offering them a hole to nest in. You can either buy a nesting box or make your own. Here are some installation tips:

  • the ideal height to install a nesting box is between 2 m and 5 m;
  • it is best to turn the entrance hole towards the south-east;
  • it should be cleaned once a year in autumn;
  • do not leave food in the nesting box;
  • if you opt to build your own, make sure you do not use any chemical products (solvent or paint);
  • it is important to ensure the nesting box is protected from predators (cats, squirrels, etc.).


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