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“Nuit des musées” 2022: a transformation for one night only

From 5 p.m. on Saturday 21 May 2022, some 25 cultural and/or scientific institutions will have the pleasure of opening their doors and welcoming the public for the 8th edition of the “Nuit des musées”. 

Nuit des musées 2022
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With this year’s edition held under the banner of transformation, the event serves up a programme specially designed for this one-off evening that is unique throughout the entire year. Organised by the Department of Culture and Digital Transition of the City of Geneva in collaboration with the Museums of Geneva, the event brings a night filled with surprising experiences to the local area.

Numerous cultural events have been cancelled over the past two years, including the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Geneva “Nuit des musées”. The absence of these events has highlighted the importance of cultural life within the territory. Held on 21 May 2022, this 8th edition will once again offer the public a festive and federating cultural event.

Some 25 cultural and/or scientific institutions will be delighted to join forces to invite visitors to explore the different sites outside the usual opening times, with a programme focussing on the theme of transformation. A wide range of activities intended for young and old alike will be organised from 5 p.m. to midnight, offering visitors the chance to discover or rediscover the institutions’ extensive collections, admire the temporary exhibitions and participate in the activities.

Everybody welcome

Launched in September 2013, the aim of the Geneva Nuit des musées Genève is to make cultural sites accessible to everyone, giving visitors the opportunity to see them in a different light. Since the very first edition, the Geneva “Nuit des musées” has opened the event to people of all ages.

To this end, each institution creates an original programme adapted to all visitors. The programme is developed by the cultural and scientific mediators who tirelessly draw on their creativity to fan the curiosity of the visitors and offer open access to their institutions. Be they active, contemplative, reflective, participatory, fun, dreamlike or educational, the mediation activities are adapted to the different types of public and contexts of the visits. They foster the creation of ties between the visitors and the objects, collections and associated cultural content. This only serves to make these nocturnal experiences even more enjoyable and convivial , appreciated by adults, young people, families and senior citizens alike.

“Nuit des musées” 2022 – what’s new?

The Geneva “Nuit des musées” is constantly evolving from one year to the next with the aim of offering visitors a high-quality event. The special shuttle services play a part in this, covering the sectors from les Nations to Carouge, and on to Vessy and Cologny. Furthermore, two new institutions have joined the “Nuit des musées” in 2022 for this federating event:

  • The Association for Industrial Heritage (API – Association pour le Patrimoine Industriel), which endeavours to protect and promote both tangible and intangible industrial heritage. An eco-museum, the API is a place where past meets present, a place of reflection where heritage can help understand the problems observed in our societies today; 
  • The Chemical Biology Research Centre, which is an interdisciplinary public research network hosted by the University of Geneva and the EPFL. Its researchers in the fields of biology, chemistry and biophysics develop chemical tools to study the living world in all its detail. The national research centre wants to invite the city to walk through the doors of the university and enter the world of research. The evening provides scientists with the perfect opportunity to share their passion for science and to highlight the importance of their work for the future of society.

A number of tools have been developed to facilitate the planning of the evening, including the website, and the programme insert in the Tribune de Genève on 14 May 2022.

Participating institutions

Some 25 institutions will participate in the “Nuit des musées” 2022: 

  • The Association for Industrial Heritage
  • Berges de Vessy
  • Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Geneva Centre for Photography
  • UNIGE collection of moulds
  • Botanical Conservatory and Garden of Geneva
  • Baur Foundation, Far Eastern Arts Museum
  • Martin Bodmer Foundation
  • Le Muzoo – The collection of the Théâtre du Loup
  • Maison Tavel
  • Maison Rousseau et Littérature
  • MEG – Geneva Museum of Ethnography
  • Ariana Museum
  • Barbier-Mueller Museum
  • Art and History Museum
  • Science History Museum
  • Carouge Museum
  • Firefighters Museum
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
  • Voltaire Museum
  • Geneva Museum
  • Chemical Biology Research Centre – UNIGE
  • SEU – UNIGE Exhibition Centre
  • Cathedral archaeological site

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