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Parties in every school

In 2021, the parties marking the end of the school year will be held over a period of 4 days in the 53 different schools located within the municipal territory. The traditional procession and the gatherings of children in Parc les Bastions will be cancelled, to be replaced by fun activities and festive happenings which will be held in the individual school yards in order to comply with the current health constraints.

Fête des écoles 2021

Due to the pandemic, the organisation of the “Fête des écoles 2021” has been revised. Despite the health constraints, the City fully intends to offer the 12,429 primary school pupils enrolled in the 53 schools a festive moment to mark the end of the school year. The 200 pupils enrolled in the specialist teaching establishments will also have the opportunity to celebrate.

Decentralised events in the school yards

The festivities will be spread over 4 days – 28 and 29 June for schools on the northern shore and 1 and 2 July for those on the southern shore. Organised in accordance with the directives of the cantonal medical department, the programme will be finalised with the different schools. It aims to provide the children with a host of fun and light-hearted activities under the supervision of their teachers.

Events, musical journeys and other shows will thus be organised for the children outside in the yards of the City’s 53 schools. Each child will be offered an afternoon snack.

Furthermore, the 1,500 pupils in class 8P who will be leaving primary school will receive a book voucher worth 25 francs. They will also have the opportunity to take a humorous class photo has a souvenir.


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