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Pedal power, whatever the weather!

To make cyclists’ lives easier, the City is introducing cycle-friendly infrastructures so that anyone and everyone can cycle around the city in the best possible conditions throughout the year.

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Some new developments

With the “Covid-19” cycle paths implemented in 2020 being maintained, the facilities near Plainpalais will help improve safety for cyclists: the routes along Avenue du Mail, Rue Harry-Marc and Avenue Henry-Dunant offer a safe and quick means of reaching Cornavin station.

The route leading from le Rond-Point de Plainpalais towards Champel will be extended from Place des Philosophes to Boulevard Jaques-Dalcroze. Rue du Grand-Pré boasts cycle paths and lanes along its entire length.

New two-way cycle path

For anyone keen to enjoy a breath of lakeside air, the new two-way cycle path along Quai du Mont-Blanc will be operational from spring 2021. It will complete the final section of the route around the bay.

Offering speed, versatility and less pollution (air and noise), cycling boasts numerous benefits in our city where certain distances can now be covered in total safety, which is great news for both everyday and recreational cyclists.


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