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Performance of the legislature 2015-2020: what has changed in 5 years

In 2015, the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva drew up a roadmap defining its main objectives for the legislature 2015-2020. This involved working towards a sustainable city. A welcoming, innovative, committed and ecological city capable of taking up the key challenges of the 21st century. Five years later, the roadmap has been respected and the Administrative Council can point to the positive results of the measures and actions undertaken by the City.

Bilan législature 2015-2020 - faits marquants

The performance includes a large number of significant events in all four priority areas of the roadmap, a non-exhaustive selection of which is presented here.

Welcoming: the creation of 571 new nursery places, the opening schools to neighbourhood life, the promotion of International Geneva, the growing success of Geneva’s museums, the adoption of an ambitious programme targeting the renovation and development of sports infrastructures, the strengthening of the local police and an improvement of the emergency service.

Innovative: the creation and renovation of major cultural facilities such as the Grand Théâtre, the new Comédie and the Pavillon de la Danse, the implementation of a policy of promoting photography, the development of increasingly accessible information, strong support for societal innovation through the G’innove programme, the introduction of a policy in favour of senior citizens, the implementation of measures to promote a local and diversified economic fabric, the creation of new summer events and a Christmas market, a new formula for the back-to-school allowance and the hosting of large-scale events.

Committed: the strengthening of the social emergency mechanism, the fight against all forms of discrimination, strict management of public funds, an active role in building accommodation, the implementation of a local social outreach policy, the desire to make municipal services as inclusive as possible and the development of guiding principles to define future amenities designed to enhance the image of the bay.

Ecological: the strengthening of ties between rural and urban areas to promote sustainable food, the development of the public areas around the new stations in Eaux-Vives and Champel, the desire to create more green areas in the city and to maintain the parks and gardens without using chemical products, the renovation of all the buildings of Les Minoteries while ensuring its energy transition, increased awareness of climate and biodiversity issues, an improvement in the quality of public areas such as the Places des Grottes, Place du Rhône and Place du Vélodrome as well as the Quai des Bergues and the alleys of the Plainpalais plain.


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