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Photographic exhibition “Helvécia. A forgotten colonial history”

In its photographic exhibition “Helvécia. A forgotten colonial history”, the Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève (MEG) lifts the veil on a little known aspect of Swiss history. Switzerland has never had countries under its domination, but it has collaborated with colonial powers in the appropriation of foreign lands and in the practice of slavery.

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Exposition Helvécia
Trois femmes brésiliennes aux jupes colorées dansent dans la nuit qui tombe.

The exhibition at MEG presents an encounter with the inhabitants of Helvécia in Brazil at the crossroads of a quest for identity and research into the past of this former Swiss colony.

The exhibition is the result of a close cooperation with photographer Dom Smaz and journalist Milena Machado Neves, co-authors of a research project involving the village of Helvécia in Brazil, their country of origin.

It all began with the couple’s encounter with this village in the state of Bahia, whose name and origin sparked a growing interest. During their interviews with the inhabitants of Helvécia, Dom and Milena collected testimonies of their daily lives while exploring the past of the village.

Their approach is based on photographic and audio-visual documentaries and the presentation of historical archives.

The exhibition is free and runs until 8 January 2023.

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