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Pre-school care resumption plan

Like all municipal councils around the canton, the City of Geneva has received the pre-school care resumption plan from the State Council. This resumption plan stipulates that all children enrolled in nurseries, including those whose parents are working from home, can attend their early childhood care structures from Monday 18 May.


The City of Geneva acknowledges this desire of the State Council. The subsidised early childhood care institutions will therefore make every effort to welcome as many enrolled children as possible in the best possible conditions from next Monday.

Very strict health constraints still in effect

The health measures that are nevertheless maintained involve real constraints which may require certain institutions to limit their care capacity.

Prior contact advised

At all events, the City of Geneva recommends that the parents of enrolled children contact the managers of the institutions concerned at their earliest convenience.

This prior contact is the best means of ensuring that their children will be able to attend the institutions in question in good conditions.

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