Prolongation of the temporary soft mobility measures: discover the illustrated map of the cycling and pedestrian routes

During the health crisis, a number of measures have been taken to offer cyclists and pedestrians a safer environment. The temporary measures aimed at promoting different forms of soft mobility as a means of getting around the city have been extended for a second period of 60 days.

Offering an overview of these measures, an illustrated map has been created to show the continuous routes designed for cyclists and the meeting zones organised for pedestrians.

Lanes specially reserved for cyclists

Cycling is one means of transport that should be prioritised: it is efficient, good for your health, generates no pollution and avoids contact. Cyclists have been able to take advantage of continuous routes connecting the outskirts with the city centre. Certain sections located on major roads and identified as been missing links in the cycling network have been temporarily completed by means of lanes reserved for cycles. To this end, the road network has been reorganised and redistributed to improve the safety of cyclists while maintaining routes for motorised vehicles.

Meeting areas for pedestrians

Providing pedestrians with more space is essential. In meeting zones, pedestrians are given priority and can make use of all the space while accessibility is maintained for vehicles, which are required to drive very slowly (max. 20 km/h). As shops, cafés and restaurants reopen after several months of inactivity, extraordinary measures have been taken to enable business owners to welcome customers in the best possible conditions. The temporary measures in busy zones are designed to reconcile the movement of pedestrians with recreational life and the possibility of enjoying a walk.

Decided jointly by the City and the Canton of Geneva, these temporary measures are intended to guarantee that life in public areas continues during this health crisis for economic operators while protecting the health of the inhabitants.

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