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Result of the architecture competition for the renovation and extension of Ecole Liotard

The “Clara” project submitted by the Christian Dupraz architecture office in Geneva won first prize in the architecture competition organised by the City of Geneva for the renovation and extension of the Ecole Liotard.

Ecole Liotard

Built in the 1970s, the Ecole Liotard is located between Route de Meyrin and Rue Liotard, at the heart of a residential district, and no major transformations have been undertaken during its 45 years of service. A complete renovation was therefore necessary. In light of the growing needs for school and extracurricular premises, an extension of the school was also scheduled.

In recent years, school and extracurricular numbers have constantly increased within the municipal territory. The Liotard-Vieusseux-Franchises sector is no exception.

The City of Geneva therefore organised an architecture competition to renovate the building and bring it up to standard in order to expand the school and satisfy the energy and environmental regulations currently in force.

Winning project: A new asset for the district

The jury voted unanimously for the “Clara” project submitted by the Christian Dupraz architecture office from Geneva. The project fits seamlessly into the existing structure, creating a genuine focal point for the district.

The renovation and extension of the building will thus provide new teaching areas and equipment adapted to the users while also being intended for the local inhabitants. Pupils, teaching staff and residents will discover modernised premises at the heart of unspoilt parkland, perfectly staged and scheduled to open for the beginning of the academic year 2025-2026.

Compliance with energy standards

Originally constructed without paying heed to energy standards, the school consumes more fossil fuel than any other school in the City of Geneva.
First and foremost, the renovation project will enhance the building and facilitate its energy transition towards a performance level compatible with the objectives of the municipal policy.

In particular, solar panels will be installed on the roof, the heating, electricity and ventilation systems will be upgraded to comply with current standards and the technical installations of the swimming pool will be renovated.

It should also be noted that the building will be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

A multifunctional living space surrounded by parkland

The building will house the new premises available to the school, the extracurricular services and the inhabitants of the district with a view to providing versatile communal spaces.

The rooms allocated to extracurricular activities will be improved and a production kitchen installed on site will prepare some 2,100 meals per day. Against an increasingly tense social and environmental backdrop, it is essential to consider the role of a school.

Nowadays, schools are designed and planned as multifunctional living spaces, places of learning open to the outside world offering a means of creating social ties. Designed with children in mind, the “Clara” project will create genuine living spaces. With its openings to the north and south and the relations between the interior and exterior, the building offers new spatial qualities by means of a clear distribution.

The new facade will lend the whole a feeling of elegance and generosity while the future openings of the main hall will be the “extra touch” ensuring the multifunctional use of the site for young and old alike.

The complete jury’s report is available via this link.

Presentation of the projects

All the projects submitted will be presented together with the winning project at the Forum Faubourg from 19 to 30 January 2021.

Visits are by registration, for a maximum of 5 people, by calling 022 418 96 96 or via @email, ensuring strict compliance with the recommendations of the FOPH.

The commented visits of the project with the winners of the competition have been cancelled

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