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Semaine de l’égalité (Equality Week) 2021: “Elle-x-s sont dans la place!”

The 2021 edition of Equality Week in the City of Geneva, entitled “Elle-x-s sont dans la place!”, will be held from 27 February to 8 March 2021. It is part of the “Zero sexism in my city” action plan adopted in 2019 by the Municipal Council, and examines the issues of gender in public areas.

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Despite their apparent neutrality, public areas are permeated by social dominations, power relationships and discriminations. What is the role of individuals and populations subject to discrimination in the street? Are we all free to move around as and whenever we wish? How can sexism and harassment in public areas be prevented? Is town planning gender-biased? This year, Equality Week will examine the differentiated uses made of the city, measure the inequalities that can be seen here and explore the avenues for constructing a more open, accessible and welcoming city in which each and every person feels legitimate and at peace.

Through the issues of equality, the question of the right to the city has become an essential item on all political agendas. Since 2017, “The unprecedented media coverage of gender-based violence has highlighted the fact that numerous types of behaviour contribute to making public space a hostile place,” emphasises Administrative Councillor Alfonso Gomez, responsible for municipal policy in favour of gender quality.

In light of this, and following the submission of motion M-1275 to the Municipal Council, the City of Geneva adopted the Zero sexism in my city” action plan. This action plan is intended to combat sexism and harassment in public areas, repositioning this issue in the continuum of sexist and gender-based violence and reiterating the need to take action at different levels in order to change mentalities and behaviours. According to Sami Kanaan, Mayor of the City of Geneva, “It is essential for the Municipality to continue implementing actions and campaigns designed to enhance the right of each and every individual to make use of urban public areas in total peace of mind.”

Online programme 2021

Organised every year to coincide with International Women’s Day, the 2021 edition of “Equality Week” will be held from 27 February to 8 March. Due to the current health situation, the programme will be organised in digital format.

Concocted by the Agenda 21-Sustainable City service, the municipal libraries and numerous associative and institutional partners, these events encourage the local population to consider the means of making our city more inclusive for each and every one of us.

The highlights include a round table discussion which will re-examine the fierce debates sparked by the lack of representativeness of women in public areas, be it in the names of streets or monuments or in the presence of statues or busts. This round table will also refer to the feminisation of ten street names within the City of Geneva, which will be made official from 1 March 2021. Also not to be missed is the discussion with Valérie Rey-Robert focusing on her work “Le sexisme, une affaire d’hommes” (sexism, a very male affair), which explores masculinities and examines how men can take tangible action in favour of greater equality. Any scheduled events which cannot be held in digital format will be organised later in the year as part of the “Zero sexism in my city” action plan.

As usual, the publication of a non-stereotyped, inclusive bibliography bringing together over 200 references will accompany these events so that thought process extends well beyond “Equality Week”!

Communication relating to the “Equality Week” in the City of Geneva uses an inclusive language – a writing style designed to be non-discriminatory including feminine, masculine and other gender identities. As this inclusive language is constantly changing, the methods used here are open to further improvement.


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Elle-x-s sont dans la place!
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